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Thursday, September 07, 2006

A good day at home!

Well, after trying to call everyone and email others regarding Dante's progress, we decided a blog would be much easier.

When we first got to the hospital, not only were a bunch of strangers coming in to poke and prod Dante, but all sorts of equipment was beeping and adding to the confusion and terror. So, we started mimicking the sounds the machines made in a silly way to get Dante comfortable. He would make all the techs and nurses smile by making the silly sound the temperature and BP machine made. We taught him to take deep breaths whenever the oxygen sensor would beep, and Chris taught him to say "Fries are done" whenever the IV would start beeping. Hence, the name of our story.

SO, here goes. I will tell you about today and then try to work backwards for those just tuning in...

Dante had a great day today! He was in a good mood all day. He played with the Elmo "button book" a lot and made me sing goofy lyrics to the songs. He played with the Jungle Hunt game Aunt Laurie bought him, which basically consists of hitting a bunch of plastic animals with hammers. He played with Grandma and read a lot of books. Basically, seemed like an average day for a 2 year old.

The only sign that something was amiss was that his appetite is basically gone (but he ate more than in the hospital) and that he got really upset when he pooped.

We have our first doctor visit for counts tomorrow morning, so cross your fingers! We are so happy that his reaction so far has been good.


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