Fries are done

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Holy Crap! I'm a year old!!...

...Yes you are Applesauce! And you're already walking and talking. Boy, are Mom and I in trouble....

<- 0 to 1 in 12 short months ->

By the way, you're not getting out of the house until you're 25...

Happy Birthday!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Where does the summer go?

"This summer, I am going to get so much done!" Famous last words. I say them every summer, thinking that for some reason, the stars will align this year for it to become truth...

Chris and I have mentioned to each other in passing for the past couple of weeks, "Hey - we need to post on the blog", but every time we say, "What have we been doing?"

Preschool, swim lessons, planning for Carina's birthday, celebrating Uncle Mike's and Chris's (nephew) birthdays, planning for a trip, getting mild summer illnesses, cleaning house, and the day to day life with two kids? That's what we have been doing!

Dante is just amazing. When we pick him up from school, he is all smiles and can't stop talking about his day and all of his friends. One night, in a stream of consciousness rambling session before he fell asleep, he said, "..and my good teacher that I have, Ms. Laura." He just loves her and her class - it's been a great fit for him to transition back into school. He's getting close to potty trained, as he can stay dry all day...just needs to figure out the rest of it. (This is a photo of Dante showing us his Diego underwear!)

Swim lessons are a highlight of the week. Dante is really coming along well and almost putting his head under water. He's made some friends in class and doesn't ever want to come out of the pool.

We're having some sibling issues, which I assume are typical, but that doesn't make them any less frustrating. Dante and Carina love to be around each other. Carina will start yelling if you try to make her leave the room wherever Dante is. Dante follows Carina's lead, which we just love when that lead is screaming in the car! Our problem lies with Dante getting excited and then trying to assert himself in a not very positive way. We'll figure it out, I'm sure, but not before many, many timeouts and tantrums.

Carina is all sass and girl and just a ton of fun. She loves shoes and is always trying to put them on, or throw them all around the kitchen. She is walking all over now, and quite fast. She's very enamored with the cabinets that don't have safety latches on them, and goes immediately for them when given the chance. She is always instigating Dante to laugh or wave his arms in the air (like you just don't care) while yelling. She now says: duck, ball, down, daddy, mama and Dante. Her sign for milk has come to mean - give me whatever you have that I want. It's pretty amusing.

Aunt Laurie and Robb had their usual fun-filled July Fourth party. I think we were in the pool for 4 hours and Dante still didn't want to come out! The cannonball contest was the hit of the night, with Dante asking, " Who's going next?" (I think next year Uncle Dave and Chris need to join in.)

Robb made some delicious burgers on his new grill and I'm almost positive that Carina ate an entire one by herself. We went down to the see the fireworks and had some tired kids on our hands on the way home.

We have had a good summer so far, but still feel like we should get more accomplished on the "to-do" list when I'm not working. I guess one of the things we have done on that list is spend time together.

This week, we have a 1 year checkup for Carina and also an oncology appointment for Dante...and preschool and swim lessons and celebrating Carina's birthday!