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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Growing Up

After a stressful month of waiting for results of school "choice", Dante got into Perkins! (magnet school for arts) We are all so excited. Dante said to me, "Can I go to the music school now?" He is so into music, singing, and dancing. He also will literally spend hours (if we let him) just watching the bonus material on DVDs, especially when they provide artwork of the characters and scenes. I think it will be a perfect fit for him - and us!

Hard to believe that he will be in Kindergarten next year! I am getting sad about him leaving all his buddies from preschool. We have had such a great experience there where he feels safe and loved and comfortable. None of his close friends are going to Perkins but I'm sure he will make more next year.

The other thing that makes me realize Dante is growing up is summer camps! Wow. I had no idea. It is April. I already missed a bunch of them that don't happen until July! Trying to coordinate calendars with a variety of playmates, family, Carina, what is available, how much it costs....I am exhausted. But, I did finally figure some out. Dante will go to the Arts Center for one week in July with his friend Mya. Carina will go to Boyd Hill that week for Jungle Boogie camp. Then in August, Dante goes to Boyd Hill for the Young Naturalists camp and Carina gets to go to gymnastics camp for a couple of mornings. Other than that, we will be frequenting the local pools, hanging at the library and trying to meet up with friends in places that aren't too hot!

Easter was fun this year. We had been stalling all day on the actual egg hunt and Dante wasn't really interested in anything except - more presents for him! When it actually came to the hunt they were so cute. Carina immediately saw a green egg and said "Dante, here's one of yours!" After that, Dante wouldn't touch the purple eggs or he would bring them to her.

All Dante wanted was the candy and all Carina wanted to do was to constantly reopen all the eggs to see what was in them.
Carina proved to us, once again, what a girl she is...when she first saw her Easter dress, her face lit up, she smiled and said, "It matches my new shoes!"


  • It is SO great to hear how both Dante and Carina are doing. I hope you are all enjoying your summer! It really brings tears to my eyes to hear all of Dante's sucBracesses! (Not to mention the friends and family that ask about him.)

    Continue to take good care!

    By Anonymous Caroline Brasfield-Carter, at 3:25 PM  

  • OOh - my lovely computer (tech ISSUES) jumps around while I am typing! LOL! That would be....SUCCESSES!

    By Anonymous Caroline Brasfield-Carter, at 3:27 PM  

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