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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

School Days

The school year is already zipping right by us. Life is busy around our household these days. Everyone is rushed off to work or school and at night it's a quick wind down to dinner. Chris has been working most weekends, so not much spare time for updating!

Dante is doing great in pre-K. Every day he comes home and tells us who he was friends with that day. He has a couple of regular pals that he's always excited to see. He comes home with really neat art projects daily and is really trying to master writing his letters. He's branched out from just smiley faces and has started drawing specific people. (The photo on the left is Buzz Lightyear for those of you who couldn't tell.)

Carina started pre-school as well this year. She is still clingy at drop off, but has a great time with Ms. Dorota and friends. She is charming everyone she meets as usual, but being very 2 lately. She loves to put on her Dora and Diego Backpack when it is time to go to school. Then of course there is the discussion of which shoes to wear...

Life seems to run a lot smoother these days since we don't have to rush both kids off in opposite directions and make it to work on time. The only down side is that Carina is pretty much a terror in the evenings after being so stimulated at school. Most days, she asks me to put her in her crib when we come home, just so she can lay down and be by herself for a while. Which actually works out for us all to get dinner on the table!

Dante made it through the post-surgery time without a problem. As a matter of fact, they gave him a prescription for pain meds, saying "he will probably need this by the time you get home." He never even mentioned a thing about it! No pain, no itching - nothing. He sometimes still talks about it being his port or where his port was. Unfortunately, the new scar is starting to be hypertrophic like the last. It's not too bad yet, so maybe it will not bother him. No new tests needed for him until December!

I had the privilege of getting to visit my sister and nieces and nephew for a weekend with everyone in Louisville- as Hunter became an Eagle Scout! We are all very proud of him. It was great to see them all, and our friend Todd, and was reminded of how much we miss them! Sure wish plane tickets and gas weren't so expensive these days!

No other big news to report around here. We finished off our summer with trying our best to go swimming a few times a week and play with all of our friends. We really had a nice summer and sure are glad I have that time off of work!


  • Can't believe how big both of them are getting!

    By Blogger Kip, at 6:23 AM  

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