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Saturday, September 09, 2006

First Doctor Visit

So far, so good! Dante has been doing great every day since we left the hospital. His appetite is growing and he is in a good mood. He doesn't have a ton of energy, but we only notice that because we are looking for it.

His ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count) is down to 1000. (This is the number they check as it represents how much fighting power his white blood cells really have. When it gets below 500, it is almost "boy in the bubble" time. His first reading of his ANC was 6300.) Dr. Aung said he should be hitting a low this weekend, and she seemed surprised that he hadn't been vomiting. So, I guess that is good. The swelling has gone down significantly, which is great. The accessed his port to draw blood and he did really well, much better than poking his arm every time we go in.

Dante has gone to Nonni's house for the afternoon so that Chris and I can try to straighten up the house a little. I am not allowed to go far out of his sight lately, so it is difficult to accomplish much between that and Carina.

If his counts are good, we will go back to the hospital on Sept. 20th for another 6 days at least.


  • Yeah, that is super news! And sometimes good news is all you need to rejuvenate you (especially as parents) just a little. My husband and I will be working on a little "things to do in the hospital" basket for Dante for his next stay. So, we will definitely be seeing you briefly then! LOVE the blog idea, and the "Fries Are Done" quote is brilliant!!!

    Caroline, Jackson & Carter

    By Anonymous Caroline, at 1:39 PM  

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