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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Thankful Holiday

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with their family and friends! We're happy to get to share our holiday with Uncle Tommy, Gomma, Uncle Dave, Mom, Chris and hopefully Uncle Mike as well tomorrow.

I was about to say that I am thankful for 2 healthy kids, but both of them are sick! They have some yucky virus. I was all set for a week of playdates, but had to take Dante to the doctor instead. Whatever it is, it had caused Dante to cough really bad and start wheezing. So, he is on an inhaler until that subsides. Other than that, both of them have upset stomachs, so they aren't eating much and aren't very happy about it. I sure hope it passes quickly, although I hear from many people that "it" is going around...

I will gladly take this entry over last year's anytime...


  • Hey Gang!

    I have been thinking about Dante a lot in the past few months and had not jumped onto the blog for a little while! It has been great catching up with the fantastic news, thus far! I always have people asking how Dante is doing, and I am so excited to report the latest! Happy Holidays to you deserve as sweet holiday!!! :-)

    Love, light & melted ice cream-

    By Anonymous sweetcaroline0405, at 7:46 AM  

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