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Friday, October 13, 2006

And still melting...

The nurse practioner, Cindy, came in today and told me that Dante's alpha feta-protein count was 600. I said, " they told us 1800 on Wed" Cindy: " Yes, but that was from last week's lab work, this one is from this weeks." Yea! Come on big 2-0!

I was about to write and tell you that Dante had been doing great this visit, but he just had "yuckies in his mouth" pretty bad. I knew it was going to happen because he asked for "bugs" (graham crackers shaped like bugs) and then his face went green when I opened them up. Of course, 2 minutes later he was asking to play a game on the computer, so at least he doesn't dwell on it! He seems to get sick right before one of his nausea meds is due, and sure enough - I just checked and he was late getting it today. I think I'll start writing down the times next time to avoid another yuckie. Other than that, he looks much better today, as he had been looking a little puffy from the anethesia on Tuesday.

Dante and I went to music class today. It was pretty funny. It was the music therapist, Julie, her intern, Catherine, and a volunteer named Rosalie, and me and Dante. So, he had 4 women singing songs for him and I could just see that he was thinking what great control he had over us to make us do silly movements and songs for him! I am glad they have activities like that to break up the visit.

Hopefully, we will head home on Monday again. Sleeping on the recliner and sharing a room with a family that doesn't speak English makes for a long weekend.


  • I was wondering what your room situation was and sorry, you have to share a room again. I hope he gets down to 20 soon and that you're back home Monday for sure!


    By Blogger Kip, at 11:06 AM  

  • Jennifer, I figured how to do this again! I was so sorry to hear about Chris' Mom. You really needed that! But was delighted to see the numbers still going down!!Hugs and kisses for Dante!!!! Lyndall

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:30 PM  

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