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Friday, October 06, 2006

A true "week off"

As Chris said, we have been enjoying our family during our time off, but not necessarily the kind of enjoyment we want to continue, as we are all getting a bit of cabin fever. Everywhere I think of taking Dante to get out of the house, I also think of the number of germs at that place and then we end up staying home. For those of you that know Chris and I, you know that we like to be on the go and this is tough to just hang out so much. Dante has grown up going out all the time, even if it was just to the park or to run errands. I'm looking forward to the day when we can go a few more places and not be so worried about him getting sick.

Since we couldn't get out to too many places, we decided to have some visits instead. Early in the week Gina came by with some yummy spanish treats and shared dinner with us. Dante is still talking about "Gina's Yellow Rice! Mmm, Yummy!"

Speaking of yummy, Fran from
Let's Eat stopped by with some meals from this month's menu. They look very tasty, and I think we'll be breaking into those soon.

Also stopping by this week was Aunt Laurie, who spent some quality time in the front room indulging Dante in his predilection for stuffing himself into toyboxes.

OK, Here's our update and new timeline:
Doctor visit last Tuesday - all blood work looked good, ANC 2200, sodium level was increasing - (thank goodness, I was feeling guilty feeding the kid so many hot dogs!) no more GCSF injections, don't come back until the following Wed! That means an entire week off from the doctor!

Tuesday, October 10th
- scheduled for follow-up bone scan and CT scan to check on his progress. Are you ready for this? You would think at a children's hospital they would devise a better system...We are to arrive at 8:45 for admit, port access and meet with anethesiologist, 10:00 injection of dye, 1:00 - scans begin. In the meantime, he is to have nothing to eat after midnight and we have to sit around for 3 hours with nothing to do, nothing to eat, in waiting rooms full of all kinds of germs!!! I called Sara, our child life therapist today, she said she would be more than happy to talk with Dante during that time and let us go to the playroom. I am not looking forward to those battles that morning. Plus, we have to make him drink about a gallon of dye for the CT scan.

Wednesday, October 11th
- scheduled for hospital admit for round 3. I am hoping for another smooth round and a private room! One can dream...

Monday, October 23rd
- I return to work. I truly miss all of my colleagues, but am definitely not looking forward to returning to work! I am pretend-working a few days before that to get Chris and Dante back into the swing of me not being around all day. All of those people who keep offering to watch Carina? We just might be calling when I go back to work! :)

Cabin Fever anyone?


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