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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Good Weekend

Dante is much improved from the other day. No more runny nose, just a little cough sometimes. And no call from the doctor's office about an infection. That's a relief. No hospital stay over the holiday. We were not looking forward to that possibility at all.

Dante looked SO much better this weekend. A lot of his bruises are going away and his color is coming back. When he is not feeling well, his eyes just show it - well they brightened back up this weekend and it was wonderful to see. He also started eating again, which of course makes a mom feel better.

We had a nice relaxing Thanksgiving day with a morning visit from Uncle Mike and cousin Chris. Dante napped through most of the cooking, so that worked out. He was still feeling pretty bad that day, and wasn't really interested in any turkey or fixin's, except, of course, broccoli. Go figure.

Friday, we all went out to lunch at Chattaway's. We didn't order anything for Dante, as he hadn't been eating anything for days. Well, he proceeded to eat almost half of my burger! We went downtown to the park to see what holiday decorations the city had put out and just enjoyed the beautiful weather.

We went back that night to see the tree lighting and hear some music and then to Aunt Laurie's for a visit. Dante had his first introduction to foosball and loved it!

The rest of the weekend was spent just relaxing and hanging out. Carina is going through a growth spurt and wants to eat all day long. She also wants to be involved in anything Dante is doing, which is bringing out the 2 year old "mine! mine!" syndrome. fun fun!


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