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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Loooooooooonnnnnng Day

Chris and Dante went to the doctor's appointment at 9am yesterday. His ANC is 400 - very low. Everything else had dropped even lower than Monday, so it was transfusion time. He needed red blood cells and platelets. He has lots of little bruises all over from the low platelets and every little scratch or bug bite just never seems to heal completely. Apparently, the room was full of other people getting transfusions in the morning and it is not much bigger than a standard office exam room.

Dante did very well, but I left work a little early just in case. You never know with a toddler with no nap in a small room tethered to a short IV...We didn't get out of there until 4:15!!! Chris was just beat after entertaining Dante all day, and Dante had a lot more energy since he had new blood.

I decided to stay home today, much earlier day off than planned, but I just don't want to risk him catching an infection from me bringing something home from school. Aunt Laurie will be playing with Carina today, so we will get some good mom and D time in today!

Here are some of the photos I couldn't post previously from the hospital:

Nonni and D in "cars and people"

Dante's trifecta of nurses - Jessie, Nancy and Adissa

passing the time...


  • Glad the transfusion went well. I think it is a national thing, but do you have FMLA in place(Family Medical Leave Act)?? That way there would be no repercussions(sp?) when you have to take time off.
    Hope you two have a great day. Glad Aunt Laurie is there to help.
    I am sorry all this is going on.

    By Blogger katie, at 9:45 AM  

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