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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Are we normal yet?

We survived our weekend without Daddy. Way more arguments with Dante than I would like, but luckily they don't last too long. Dante has started picking fights with me on purpose whenever I am doing something with Carina like washing her instead of him in the tub or feeding her or changing her diaper. All times when I can't take my eyes off of her for too long. I know this is typical sibling stuff, but it doesn't make it any easier! We were all happy to have Daddy home and the kids have been sleeping better since his return.

Dante gave me a small scare over the weekend. He woke up on Sunday and looked terribly pale and was really whiny and upset all day. I could just tell he didn't feel good. Luckily, after he took a nap, he started to look better. And the next day his mood was improved. We found out today that his hemoglobin is low, which could account for the paleness. Perhaps it had dipped that day.

So Dante's ANC is 2600, which is a normal level. His platelets are pretty good, but he is still bruising quite a bit. The only thing low was the hemoglobin. They took blood for another AFP test, and if this one comes back normal, we don't return to the doctor for 3 weeks!!! Breathe another sigh of relief.

This weekend is going to be one of playing super catch up and clean up! We still have to take down the holiday decorations (!), since Chris left at the last minute last week. We're also trying to reorganize the kids' things because it feels like our house is just one big pile of clutter! I'm sure it will feel better once the tree is down and we actually put away that last load of laundry. We are certainly going to have to child proof the house soon. We never really did with Dante, as he just didn't get into stuff. Carina? She is going to get into stuff. She tries to grab anything that Dante has and this morning, without a sound crawled over the pillows blocking her on the bed and rolled onto the floor. Luckily, I had pillows on the floor just in case.

For those of you keeping track, Carina is now going to sleep around the same time as Dante every night. She is not quite sleeping through the night, but is doing much better than the every 2 hours she was doing until last week. The first day I got 4 hours of sleep, I was actually all discombobulated!

Life is slowly returning to normal - whatever that means for a family with a 2 1/2 year old and a 6 month old. Oh, and maybe this weekend, Chris will complete his holiday cards and I will make my presents!


  • I was just checking in to see how things were going! I hope you guys do get a breather this weekend--enjoy it :)

    Miss you tons and hope things stay positive.

    By Anonymous Todd, at 6:14 AM  

  • Sounds like good news to me and I love the pictures!!!

    By Blogger Kip, at 5:47 PM  

  • Skip the holiday cards and presents! Your regular blog updates have been a gift to the world who want desperately to know how you all are faring, but dare not intrude with the many calls and emails that your blog forestays.

    I say kick back. If you get the tree down and some laundry folded, that will be enough!


    By Anonymous Shelley Manes, at 6:07 PM  

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