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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A holiday of over-stimulation

Today was a really nice day. Before today, Chris and I were barely keeping ourselves sane with balancing family, preparations, child care, and shopping. We are exhausted from all of that and looking forward to relaxing these next 2 weeks and enjoying our family. Back to today; I had nothing planned and just sat around and played with Dante and Carina all day. We didn't even change out of our PJs! It's rare that we ever have days with no doctor's appointments, or errands to run, or work to go to. I think I need to do that more often.

Dante had a wonderful Christmas -as much as you can when you're totally over-stimulated. He got a lot of fun gifts and just what I requested - no electronics - just good old-fashioned fun like legos, toy cars and planes and a cool bug game. He did get an Elmo TMX from Kim, but it made him cry, so that promptly went back in the box for a later date! Carina had fun just trying to reach the paper to chew on. Oh, and she started lunging this weekend - not quite a crawl yet, but with the butt in the air and plenty of movement. We are definitely going to have our hands full with her! We took our time and opened presents and played and then went over to Nonni's house for a delicious dinner. Being as over-stimulated from presents and all the people, neither Dante or Carina have had much sleep - which in turn means we have had even less. We're both reaching that sleep-deprived state where you are functioning but can't remember what you are in the middle of doing half the time!

Dante seems to be feeling a little better today. His color is good, so I don't think he will need more blood this week. He is still bruising bad, so he might need more platelets tomorrow. He doesn't have much of an appetite and has been losing weight. I think he might have some mouth sores, a common side effect, which is making eating no fun! If he sticks to the same recovery schedule as he has after previous rounds, he should be back to "normal" by the weekend. We will be having our follow-up CT scan next week sometime to make sure that things are clear. They did another AFP test and we should be getting the results back this week.

I put normal in quotes, as I don't think we will be back to normal for quite some time. Life is way stressful around here and Dante's behavioral changes are difficult to determine if they are related to having a new sibling or they are from him feeling like crap. I am hoping for the latter because that should be going away soon.


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