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Monday, October 23, 2006

Hitting the Lows

I started back to work today and Chris also worked some long hours today, so we will give a better update soon. But, I wanted to fill those of you in who have been wondering...

When we went to the doctor on Thursday, his ANC was 12,800! That was the GCSF talking. However, his hemoglobin level was low and close to needing a transfusion. Over the weekend, I knew something was just not right. He was nauseous most mornings, he didn't eat hardly at all and he would cry at the drop of a hat. All of that in addition to looking really pale and puffy. I called and spoke to Dr. Ayala who said he should be OK until his Monday appointment. But to call if he got really lethargic.

Since I had to work, I couldn't take him to an appointment until this afternoon. His ANC is now 700, his white blood cells are low, his red blood cells are low, his hemoglobin is low, his hemocrit is low, his platelets are, they typed his blood and told us to come back on Wednesday morning and if his counts are still low, he will get a transfusion. I would have come back on Tuesday, but Chris and I both have to work. Dr. Grana was there and she said it shouldn't be a problem, as long as he doesn't get lethargic or get a fever before then.

Dante did really well at this appointment considering all that had to be done: normal vital signs, finger prick for CBC, removal of insuflon, access his port and take blood, deaccess his port, insert new insuflon, and give him his GCSF injection! Whew! He was not happy, but he got over it pretty quickly when I told him we could go see Dr. Grana. :)

He ate a bunch of food today and while he was pale, he seemed to have plenty of energy. Now, we just have to be super diligent about germs! All this serves to remind us that even though he is making progress, the cancer and the chemo are taking a real toll on his body, and setbacks are ever possible. These last few weeks we suspect, will be difficult, as each time Dante goes in for treatment his body has had less and less time to recover.

We continue to think positively and look forward to a Thanksgiving with something to celebrate.


  • Hang in there Jen, Chris and Dante- let us know if you need anything.
    Thinking of you,

    By Blogger momma, at 11:17 PM  

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