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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Healthy and Sick

Dr. Grana left a message today that Dante's AFP is at 8.3, which is right at normal levels (apparently they've adjusted the range of acceptable values due to our last incident.) We have an appointment in 2 weeks to take another test. At that time, we are hoping to find out how his immune system is doing and perhaps look more ahead to the future. It's an odd adjustment back to the life without 2 doctor's visits per week.

I remember, at the beginning of this experience, reading in the different books about dealing with cancer, that one of the hard parts about treatment is the post-treatment period. It said that now that your lives had become so focused on getting through the chemo and everything, that once it stops, you feel a loss for that routine. It said that many caregivers worry more during this period, since you feel like you aren't actively doing anything but waiting to hear the next test result say that everything is still OK. I can relate to that. I miss seeing the people at the clinic or the hospital on a regular basis, as we have met some wonderful people. However, I do not miss all the rest of it! I guess the hard part now is waiting to finally hear someone say that he's OK.

In looking forward to that, Dante and I made a surprise appearance at North East Park Preschool this week. We stopped by to drop off the registration form for summer and fall. We got to see Miss Jane, who gave Dante 2 "mini-cupcakes" (muffins) that he was happy to hold. A few teachers popped their heads out to say hi and were pleased to see Dante. Miss Debbie came out with Isaiah. The four of us sat down in the lobby and talked. Dante was being very shy, but I could tell he was excited to see them. Miss Debbie was also very excited to see Dante. Miss Debbie said that Isaiah always asks where Dante is and that the class prays for him when they go to chapel. Isaish was one of his classmates that Dante always talked about after class. We saw Dante's pictures hanging up on her door, and they keep an update from the blog posted for parents to keep up with Dante as well. We are hoping to hear that Dante's immune system continues to improve so that he and Chris can go for short visits on a regular basis. Dr. Grana said it usually takes about 4 months to get the immune system back to normal, so we are looking to start back in May.

Carina has been sick since Friday night. She ran a 101 fever all weekend and was not happy, naturally. We saw Dr. Patranella on Monday and she said it was a sore throat virus. She went ahead and did a strep test on Dante's account, which was negative. She said it should take the week for her to feel better, but otherwise, just to wait it out. Tuesday, she developed a rash. Wednesday and today? Sleepy and cranky - which is not like her. No fever since Monday, but she is still just not herself. And she is not sleeping well at night either. Dr. Patranella called this morning and left a message, saying she saw I had called the nurse the day before. (Talk about service and care!!!) She said that a rash is pretty normal for a virus and hopefully she should be feeling better by Friday. I sure hope so. Luckily, Dante has stayed feeling good. If Dante had the same symptoms, he would have been in the hospital! If we have another rough night, I might take her in just to make sure before the weekend that it isn't something else.

We are looking forward to music class, and Wes and Gina's Gasparilla Party on Saturday. I am looking forward to a decent night's sleep. Oh, and our tree finally came down last weekend! It's nice to have our space back.


  • I am a friend of chris' dad in ct. my daughter has karate with john. Just wanted you to know Dante has been in our prayers since the beginning. Have been getting regular updates from tom. Finally have a few free minutes to check out the friesaredone site. pretty kool. Chris you look just like your dad. God Bless. from brenda.

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