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Sunday, January 28, 2007

One Way or the Other

When you venture out with a six month old and a two and a half year old, you always run the risk that the day could go one way or the other. This weekend, Sunday went one way and Saturday definitely went the other.

On Saturday we went to Wes & Gina's Gasparilla party along with Uncle Dave. Dante was unusually tired from the start. Add in lots of strangers, a loud band, and a moonwalk full of big kids, and you have what turned out to be a recipe for disaster. He started out okay, but soon got disinterested in most of the activities (sensory overload, perhaps), and then he started with the "no's". He threw a number of tantrums until he finally discovered the backyard. He was completely enamored of all the little porcelain animals and stuff to look at, that he just kept going back and forth pointing them all out; counting them up and telling stories to himself about all of them. It was pretty cool. So, it ended up OK and he totally passed out on the way home.

Another really cool thing that happened at the party was a raffle that Wes & Gina put together for Dante. They managed to wrangle up some really great prizes, including a weekend at their cabin in TN. Lots of people bought tickets and many went home with a little something extra. And Dante got a nice little addition to "the Fund". So, a heartfelt thanks to Wes & Gina. They give "friends" a good name.

Sunday was going to be just errands, and we thought for sure that Dante would melt down at least once, with all the in and out of the car seat, and no touching stuff in the stores, but he was actually quite good. He got all excited about the fish and birds at PetSmart. He hung out with me at Joann's while I waited for what seemed like an eternity for the frame people. Why does that always take so long?! And once we got him an oatmeal raisin cookie, the rest of the grocery run was smooth sailing.

In other news, Carina moved up to her big girl car seat, so she is now sitting comfortably, and very pleased with the new ride. Of course, we have no back seat now, but that's not a big deal.

Dante's appetite seems to be picking up. Still being 2 and not telling us what he really wants to eat, but no biggie. I think he's gaining some weight back as his cute little belly is sticking out again. The Zantac must be doing the trick on his tummy. He's been super cute taking his medicines - he asks for "minty medicine" (zantac) at bedtime and then wants us to "smell minty" - wherein he blows on us so we can enjoy his minty fresh breath. Working on his moves for the ladies, no doubt.

He also gets a little upset when he thinks he's supposed to have "purple medicine"(antibiotic for chemo patients) and it's not one of the days he's supposed to take it (weekends).

I asked my mom what he ate today: 2 waffles, about half a box of cheerios, a hot dog, turkey, applesauce, and I lost track after that. He was chowing on some broccoli tonight - which he just loves.

Looking forward to our chilly week - finally get to wear the winter clothes and Carina gets to wear her baby legs!


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