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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Beachy Day

Dante, Carina, Nonni and I ventured down to Casey Key to visit with Uncle Dick and Aunt Karen today. They were down from NC to visit Granny Mil and her niece, Laurie. Karen was laughing as I proceeded to unload all sorts of stuff from the car for just a day trip. I told her that this wasn't my first BBQ and that Dante would be happy! I didn't do too bad, as the only thing we didn't actually use was the extra sets of clothes.

I got out the pack n' play for Carina and I think Dante spent more time in it than she did! Perhaps the novelty. I couldn't get him to stay in that thing when I really needed him to! He did hang out in there and play for almost 45 minutes while Carina slept and I rested. It was a terrible day for the beach - cloudy, rainy and about 65 - but we made the best of it. Chased birds, got our feet wet, found shells, watched wakeboarders and generally ran around. Dante was smiling most of the day and just kept running back and forth out to the beach and back. Carina just had a good time as long as she could see Dante.

On our way home we stopped to say hi to Millie and had a nice visit with everyone. Millie's niece Laurie was prepared with presents for the kids that kept them, at least most of the time, away from all the breakables in Millie's house. Carina decided to scream almost the entire way home, but Dante was sound asleep before I made it to the interstate. I was wishing I was sitting in the back seat in a cushie seat instead of driving!

Dante and Daddy went to the aquarium this week. Chris said that Dante raced through the whole place and as soon as they got out to the car, he says "Dante see fishes under water and turtle..." as if he is describing what they just did. So Chris says, " Yep, that's what we just did and saw...", "No, Dante go back in!"


  • hi guys,

    awesome pictures from the aquarium, soooo did you go back in? We're sending down a little cool breeze, it's 15 degrees today, wind chill of TWO. Send some sun back up.

    love, Dori

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:17 PM  

  • Jen & Chris, I know NUTHIN 'bout parenthood first hand, and I mean NUTHIN, but being the youngest of five in six years, i'm thinking you could ask some "greatest generation" folk about sleep rituals and so-forth. It's likely no one parent will have all the answers, but also likely you can glean wisdom from a mess'o geezers.
    Tell me what's on the no-no menu at your house and let me make a meal for you, would love to. I make a mean meatloaf, baked chicken in ital. dressing, pork loin ala you name it, ...instead of me suggesting, I'm totally willing to make something your family loves but you want a night off from cooking.
    Call me, 813-966-3344 cell 24/7

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:01 PM  

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