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Sunday, May 13, 2007

I Call Father's Day

On Saturday night, we had Uncle Dave come babysit so Chris and I could get out by ourselves for Mother's Day and for the first time in several weeks. Both kids were sound asleep when we left, so we thought it would be an easy night for Dave. We got through an enjoyable dinner and were on to our next stop to just relax and hang out. Two sips into a nice cocktail both of our phones suddenly registered missed calls. It was Dave - Dante had thrown up and was pretty hysterical. By the way, we had put him down in our bed so if either of the kids woke up, the other would stay asleep - we got that part right....

We rushed home and Dante was OK. He was sitting with Dave on the couch still whimpering a little bit. Even though he was out of his clothes, he smelled terrible. Apparently, he had gotten sick and not completely woken up, so he was in there for several minutes marinating in it before actually crying out and Dave realized something was wrong. We couldn't get him to get into the bath, so I just wiped him down and got him in new PJ's and back to sleep. We were on edge the rest of the night anytime we heard any stirring.

He was fine all day today, but didn't eat much. He actually has been acting as if something is wrong with his tummy lately, but not enough to get sick or stop eating. Today, I only fed him if he asked for food.

This morning, Mother's Day. All I really wanted was to sleep in an extra hour or so. It was not in the cards. Carina woke up at 6:30 and would not go back to sleep. Then Dante woke up and only wanted mommy. When Carina went down for her morning nap, I finally got Dante in the bath and he smelled much better. Everything seemed like it was going well...

Carina wakes up to a blown out diaper and a huge mess in her crib. While Chris is holding her at arm's length and I try to remove the offending clothing and get her in the bath, he strains his back. I get Carina all cleaned up and am still hoping for even a few minutes to myself today. Chris's back is hurting so bad, he has to take a muscle relaxer and go lay down. Meanwhile, we had planned to have mom over for dinner - cooked by Chris. That doesn't happen either.

So, the day ended up with Chris sleeping most of the afternoon and me and the kids going over to mom's to hang out. Dinner was take out and the one cooked by Chris will have to be rescheduled.

My mom said it never worked out for her to have a good Mother's Day and she always called Father's Day instead. I think that's a good plan.


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