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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Life is Full of Surprises

Some of you might have figured it out from our not so subtle hints in the last post, that indeed, Chris and I got married last month. We had an intimate ceremony at Ft. DeSoto Beach with just a few of our close friends. Dante read one of his favorite books, "I Love You Through and Through"(Thanks Aunt Margie!), and almost stole the show. Our good friend Laurie officiated, as she has been offering to do so for years. She wrote a beautiful ceremony that was perfect for us. I even snuck a line into our vows that I promised to "not ask "what's for dinner?" at least one night a week." That should keep me free for the other 6, right? Of course, little did we know when we planned this that it would be the coldest day in March. Due to the super chilly winds, we didn't get a ton of photos of everyone, but it was still beautiful nonetheless.

Carina is all of a sudden changing in leaps and bounds. She's comfortably cruising around the furniture, eating spaghetti, giving kisses, and showing more interest in books. And she certainly doesn't go anywhere without her "happy birthday duck". Luckily, we have some backups, and even a pirate duck or two that work in a pinch. (Thanks Nicole!)

We all went to out for Mexican food one night this week, Dante having a taco and rice, while Carina lunged for my plate. I finally started putting some rice in front of her and she was eating it like a champ. We have a wonderful video of her making a smacking noise as she tries to get the rice off of her hands.
Dante is big into "making words" and learning to add and subtract. He loves to stand at his easel and put letters together and ask us if they're words or not. He knows how to spell some basic words and is sounding some others out. The adding and subtracting is a new thing that he's trying, although he's still not clear on the concept. We were driving home from the beach this weekend and suddenly, Chris and I realized that Dante was counting..."45, 46, 47..." next thing you know, the kid is up to one hundred! He continued until 111, and then got confused. Or bored. Not sure which. I think the cutest thing is that he's now trying to make sentences all the time, correcting himself and trying to figure out the correct pronoun to use for himself. I can't believe he will be 3 next month!

This next week will be packed with friends and family gatherings for Easter, and our annual neighborhood garage sale the following week. We hope to clear out the house at Chris and Jen's Annual Load O' Crap Sale!


  • WONDERFUL news and a wonderful post. I guess I always assumed (LOL) that you were already married. When you posted the picture of Chris and the Wedding ring..DUH..I was focused on the beer.

    I just married my High School Sweetheart after a 30+ year delay on 3/8/07. We got married at the High School where we met..surrounded by 3 of our 4 kids (not -"our" kids but our kids). Your ceremony sounds beautiful.

    By Blogger Cheryl, at 10:10 AM  

  • You and your family looked beautiful. Congrats...and still...was that Venice where you went on your honeymoon? How wonderful. Much love and happiness for a lifetime to you all.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:23 PM  

  • I guess this means I can now announce it on my blog too!!!! Congrats!!!!!

    By Blogger Kip, at 3:31 PM  

  • Dear Chris and Jen,
    Congratulations and Yahoo! You make a great couple and have done a super job with the kids!
    I can't believe I missed the picture of the ring... very clever:-)
    Thanks for sharing your adventures both good and and not so good.. everyone who reads your blog feels like part of your family.
    Hugs and Kisses to the kids.. Ann

    By Blogger ann, at 5:19 PM  

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