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Monday, March 19, 2007

Don't mean to leave everyone hanging...

Busy Busy Busy around here lately...will report more on that later when I have a free moment.

Not too much news on the health front, except that Dante has a CT scan on Thursday - let's all hope it will be the last one for awhile!

Daddy returned from his trip and we were all very happy to welcome him back home, and back to help out with the routine. Boy, throw a change into a 2 year old's routine? By Thursday, I had to call mom and ask her to come rescue me so I could just step outside and scream! All is good now. And in perspective, it all seems silly. But, certainly not when you are sleep-deprived, spouse-deprived, hungry and dealing with an 8 month old who is teething and not wanting to leave your side and a headstrong 2 year old who won't nap!

Calgon, Take me Away!


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