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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

what a "Load O' Crap"

It was Saturday morning around our 'hood, and you could see the signs: "More crap than 2 people should have...", "This Way to Junk Nirvana!", "Chris and Jen's 4th Annual Load O' Crap Sale!", "Bric a Brac, Knick Knacks, Tchotchkes, Odds and Ends!" Lots of folks said they stopped by just for the signs. We did pretty well and sold quite a bit of stuff. Afterwards, however, we walked back inside the house, and it didn't seem any less cluttered! We just have too much stuff and not enough places to put it - isn't that everyone's story? Time for an addition!

We did sell off some toys and such, which made some people happy, and me a little sad. I know it's a chapter to close and I don't need to save every cute shirt that Dante ever wore, or the ball tower with the disco music, (okay, maybe keep the disco music), but it's still hard to see it go. Well, not really anymore now that we have that extra space in the front room......for more stuff!

Dante is trying to assert himself, and his opinion on things lately, much to our chagrin. However, sometimes, it's funny to trip him up on things he doesn't realize. Like "Dante, we are turning off the water in 2 minutes." "No! One Minute!" " uhh, OK." Or "Mommy, pick me up!" "Not until we get to the green car." "No, the blue car!" (The blue car is farther away than the green one.) "OK, that's a deal." It's pretty silly. Chris keeps trying to trip him up and get him to agree to what we originally said. It almost always works. Of course, as everything that we start to figure out with him, we know that it's short lived.

We were just discussing how Dante has always been a very analytical kid - observing, counting, trying to figure out how things work. We have noticed that even in his play patterns there is routine and order, not much venturing outside his comfort zone. When we go outside to play, he likes to go through the same activities almost like a checklist. It can get a little dull for us sometimes, but he always seems to be having fun. Hopefully, when he gets back into school he'll venture outside the box a little more often.

Carina on the other hand, is always outside the box. Then inside, then outside again. Then underneath....What a nut!
She is enjoying her new adventures twice a week with Ryan and Jen Palmer. She's meeting new friends in Jen's mom's group and stealing Ryan's pacifier and food with finesse. They are so cute together. The other morning they got into the double stroller and Ryan was alternately kissing and hugging her and then grabbing a toy out of her hand.

She is also knocking off a few Milestone Prereq's - stood up by herself this week a couple of times. She didn't bother to take any steps but she seemed pretty stable on just the two feet. Chris predicts she'll be walking by the end of May. God help us....
She also succesfully used a straw for the first time. It took a couple of tries but she got it. One thing we've learned; don't get in the way of the girl and her food!


  • I love that pic of Dante sitting by the pumpkins, lol! And that Carina...she's going to be a pistol!!

    By Blogger Kip, at 3:31 PM  

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