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Friday, February 09, 2007

All Good News Today

I took the day off today, anticipating spending an entire day at the doctor's office getting a transfusion. I even packed ALL sorts of entertainment. Irene did his CBC while Dante inspected the Thomas the Train stickers and stuck them all over his body. His hemoglobin went up to 9.2 - so no transfusion! Yea! His ANC is 3700; his platelets are still low but up a few points from Tuesday. All of the tests they did the other day to determine the cause of the anemia came back negative. They are still waiting on one test, but I got results for about 10 different things and all were good. Whew.

We have a CT scan on Wednesday morning at 6:30 am!!! fun fun fun. Once we get the results from that, we will determine the plan from there.

Having already requested a sub for my class today, I took full advantage and took the kids to a new park in south St. Pete, Dell Holmes Park. There were a handful of familiar faces from Sweet PEAS there, and Heather met us with Tyler and Gretchen. What a great park on the shores of Lake Maggiore, designed for 2 years and up, everything was low to the ground and safe for preschool age. There was artificial turf, so we set the girls down to crawl around while we chased the boys. It was actually quite hot today in the sun, so Dante got a bit flushed and I wished I had worn shorts! (Silly to think that after hearing the weather reports for those of you up north. Chris said it was 15 in CT.)(it was. it's 12 right now! -cg)

We had another night of Carina crying in her crib at bedtime. It's been tough, because the last two nights she has not been tired, but I had to put her in there so I could get Dante to bed. She pretty much slept through the night last night, so wish me luck for another night of "sleep". I say "sleep" because Dante is in bed with me and he tosses, a lot. But he also snuggles too.


  • Wonderful news on the tests!! I grew up living on that Lake and it is a wonderful place. The park sounds very nice.

    By Blogger Kip, at 10:57 AM  

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