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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sleepytime Quartet

So, it's almost Friday again. We have had a pretty good week. Kids in great moods, going to bed at reasonable hours....but not staying asleep.

What do people do when they have kids at this age that have to share a room? I thought we were on the right track, but then Carina has started waking up at 1am every night crying. We try to just let her cry, because she doesn't cry very long, but then Dante wakes up crying! And he gets out of bed and comes into us crying - loudly! Which then really wakes her up... you can see our dilemma. The other morning, Carina woke up at 4:30, so I just brought her to our bed. Then, Dante woke up at 5:30 crying and it was 6:15 before I got them both back to sleep. We are still having to put Dante to sleep in our bed most nights, as Carina doesn't want to give it up when Dante is ready to fall asleep. I know this is just a phase and once Carina figures out how to stay asleep or go back to sleep easier, this will pass. But, in the meantime - any suggestions?

Carina has been very chatty the last couple of days, saying what sounds like "bubba" - which is perfect, that's what we call Dante around here. It would not surprise me if her first words are his name since she just thinks he's the cat's meow. That is, when she's not making the cats meow by pulling their hair!

Dante is very into letters and numbers, spelling and counting. The other day, he spelled Carina. Then I asked him to spell a couple of 3 letter words like "hat", "sun", "jet". He did it! He's now moving onto being able to read some words as well. The other night, he was counting stuff at dinner, as always, and he got to 29 and then said "20 10". I said, "30", so he starts "31, 32..." We did record a video of him singing his abcs with peanut butter in his mouth, that probably only a parent would enjoy.

Dante is looking so good lately. His hair is very slowly coming in and his eyelashes are growing back. When he was born, he had the biggest swirl of hair on the crown of his head; we always said it looked like a hurricane on a weather map. I can see it coming back, so I decided to track it's growth with photos. The best part is that he is starting to fill out again and just look healthy. Dante was always a big kid, so it's nice to see meat on his bones again. He took his last "minty medicine"(zantac) this week and he seems to be doing just fine. Eating like a toddler boy should. Not much progress on the potty this week, but it will happen - hopefully not in the bathtub anymore.

This weekend, Chris and I are getting out for our friend's birthday, music class on Saturday morning and hopefully, lots of playing outside! The weather has been beautiful here - blue skies, days in the 70s, with cool, clear nights...


  • Jen- hey- its Erica down the street- as for the sleeping thing, this is what worked for us...(also our pediatrician promoted co-sleeping) our philosophy was "sleep is good- does it really matter where it happens" So, sometimes all 4 of us were in a bed, sometimes just 1, but the kids eventually outgrew it. They still share a room and at 3 and 6 years of age sleep about 10+ hours a night in their own beds. It seemed like it took forever to outgrow, but our little guy had more of Carinas sleep patterns. The Dr. also said Sean and I had to figure out for ourselves what was more important to us-- sleep or teaching the children to sleep in their own beds... and sleep was so important to Sean and I so we just went with the flow of each night. We'd start with each kid in a bed in their room, read a few books and then lay down with whoever needed it most and perhaps spend the whole night, perhaps not. Now on the rare occassion that one gets up and comes in our room I put them in our bed, cuddle up, smell their beautiful little heads and take to heart that I have never heard of a 16 year old sleeping in his parents bed on a nightly basis. PS-I think there are a lot more parents who do some variation of this than not, but there seems to be some social stigma about admitting that you let your kids sleep in your bed so I just went with what worked for us.... Love the hurricane hair!


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