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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wear Sunscreen!

Last fall, during one of our hospital stays, I had pulled my hair back in a ponytail and noticed that I had a spot that looked like I had scratched something on the edge of my scalp. I thought nothing of it, and then a month or so later, again at the hospital, I noticed it was still there. Well, once we sort of had our wits about us again (January), I went to the dermatologist and sure enough, it was a basal cell carcinoma (skin cancer).

I had it "removed" this week and being the second one I have had, I thought not much of it, even though it was a new procedure. Well, perhaps I should have asked more? I now have a section of hair shaved and a 3 inch row of stitches on my hairline. As the Doctor was stitching up my head, I realized I was getting a mini facelift on the one side of my face. Even though the spot wasn't that large, it was a couple of layers deep and in order to make it heal smoothly, they had to make a larger seam. I will have the stitches in for 10 days. Luckily my hair should fall over the shaved area and not be a big deal. I can't even describe how horrible a disposable razor with a surgical blade sounds on your head when it is already been numbed and you can't see what they are doing. The doctor was pretty funny too. He says, "Now don't stare in the mirror and freak out because your head is all swollen and you have these stitches and all. It will go away soon." And then he hands me a mirror.

So, I went to work right after the appointment and had a huge bandage on my head. These are the things that were asked: "did you fall? did a kid push you? car accident? what did you do?" My answer? I didn't wear sunscreen! Anyway, let's just say I have one serious headache. Too bad I can't take the painkillers they prescribed.

Dante has had another good week. He is very into his "yoga video" - yogakids ABCs. He tries to do some of the positions and sings a namaste song. Very cute. He has been super lovey this week, asking to hug and kiss us all the time. I think the sibling jealousy is kicking in big time. He's getting more and more upset when Carina grabs his toys. In the meantime, she's just trying to get closer to him, because she wants to be doing whatever he is doing.

On our way home from music class last weekend we went by some stables in South Tampa and said hi to the horses. We brought Carina to music class this time to see what she thought. She was taking it all in, but unfortunately, class is right at a time when she usually naps, so that might not work for her.

It is interesting, but I guess not earth-shattering, how different the two kids are. Dante just loves music and always has. Since he was born, if we would sing to him, he calmed down instantly. I remember being home alone with him for the first time, he was freaking out crying and I was running out of things to sing! I just kept singing the same things over and over. Those songs are still some of his favorites. Carina seems to have no interest. When we sing, it barely affects her at all. Sometimes, she will smile and stop and listen, but nowhere near in the same way that Dante did. But then again, he wouldn't even think of crawling somewhere without complaining about it first, and she is from room to room without even a thought. It will certainly be fun to find out what kind of personalities they grow into.

Double Trouble

Chris will be going out of town this week, so hopefully, things run smoothly. We have a decent bedtime routine going, but it mainly works because we're both here to make it happen. I think I will have to pull the "be a big helper" routine with Dante and have him sleep in our bed again. Twist my arm.

mean face - "we better NOT be out of cheerios..."

surprise face - "we have pistachio cookies?!"


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